Cloud Storage Reviews – Read My In-depth Analysis On Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage ReviewsIf you are looking for a good cloud storage provider, you may use my in-depth cloud storage reviews as your reference. I’ve handpicked these 11 cloud storage companies based on my set of quality survey and each cloud storage review includes background of the company, feature analysis, and my own observations of the product. Which is the best provider you ask. To be frank there’s NO best or worst cloud storage around. There is only the right one, depends on your budget and your needs. There will be things that you need to meet in between. A quick conclusion: if you use it for personal stuff, go with ElephantDrive; if you use it for more important data like work documents and sensitive data, use SugarSync.

There are many reasons you need a cloud storage service and the last thing you wish is the loss of your precious data. Therefore make sure you make not only 1 but also several copies of complete backup. Store them onsite or offsite. It’s a hassle but it absolutely worth it. For your information, the ranking of the cloud storage reviews below are simply based on alphabetical order.

FTC Disclosure: Is My Cloud Storage Review Genuine? is an independently owned property. In no way do I represent any of the companies here. Nonetheless I’m compensated when someone buys a cloud storage service using my link. That being said, the reviews and information presented here are truthful at the time of writing. I will keep the reviews and data updated but I’m not liable for any loss occurred. Thanks!

pCloud pCloud
For an online storage space for all of your documents, music, photos and more, pCloud keeps your files safe through secure data transfer and iron-clad encryption…[Read more]
55555 $3.99
Carbonite Carbonite
Carbonite has won numerous awards for their cloud storage service since their incorporation in 2005. They are also rated A+ in BBB. For as low as $5 per month you are able to get unlimited cloud backup…[Read more]
55555 $5.00
ElephantDrive ElephantDrive
For file protection in the cloud and easy Sync across devices, ElephantDrive goes beyond the standard backup to provide users with cloud storage and collaboration across all platforms…[Read more]
55555 $9.95
Dropbox Dropbox for Business
Already famous for their personal backup plan, Dropbox is moving to recruit business users. However with them appointing Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley and Robert Gates to the Board of Director, the great backup features might succumb to the fear of privacy breach… [Read more]
55555 $62.50
Livedrive LiveDrive
Recently acquired by j2 Global, LiveDrive has lost ground in providing quality service. The responses from their customers have been a mixed bag. Therefore I don’t feel comfortable to recommend them anymore…[Read more]
22222 $6.00
SugarSync SugarSync
SugaySync is recommended for business cloud storage for their advance features. Among them is the ability to edit your files online and sync across all devices among your users. Read my review to see all the advantages SugarSync offers you… [Read more]
55555 $7.49
CrashPlan CrashPlan
For computer backup and data storage made simple, CrashPlan offers free local backup, free offsite backup, and unlimited online backup…[Read more] $5.00
* Data last updated 24/10/17

Rates shown are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Service plans and rates may not include taxes, surcharges or other fees. Some service providers offer periodic promotions and service agreements based on various terms and conditions. Please be sure to read the individual provider terms, conditions and pricing before you make a purchase decision.