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When you use ElephantDrive, you can be sure that your files will always be safe. Elephant drive can also be used to share files between multiple devices. This makes it possible for business owners to easily share information with their employees. It is also is quite easy to get ElephantDrive.

ElephantDrive uses cloud technology for file storage. This means that the data is stored outside of your computer on multiple servers, and the data is streamed amongst your device(s) and the servers using the internet. The fact that multiple servers are used as opposed to one ensures that your files won’t be lost. A file synchronization feature is available from ElephantDrive, and this ensures that you will never need to use email to store files on multiple devices.

ElephantDrive is compatible with most networks. Therefore, you will likely be able to use it just about anywhere. Furthermore, ElephantDrive is compatible with a wide range of devices. It works on Windows, Macintosh, and Android operating systems. This makes it possible to use it on mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices in addition to traditional computers.

Is ElephantDrive Reasonably Priced?

ElephantDrive is affordable, and it offers you quite a lot for the money. It is even possible to get a free trial of ElephantDrive that allows you to store 2GB of data for a period of 15 days. This is a great way to see how ElephantDrive works for you. If you purchase ElephantDrive, their basic plan allows for you to store as much as 1TB of data for only $9.95 a month. Their premium plan allows you to store as much as 2000TB of data for only 39.95 per month. This is equivalent to the data storage space on 2,000 average sized laptop hard drives!

There are other cloud storage companies that offer file synchronization, and some of them may actually be even cheaper than ElephantDrive. However, don’t let this fool you. ElephantDrive offers a far more comprehensive range of features than the competition.

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What Features Does ElephantDrive Offer?


1. It’s Exceptionally Easy To Use The File Synchronization Feature:

All you need to do to make data available on multiple devices is to simply put it into ElephantDrive’s sync folder. With many other cloud storage companies, there is a separate download for file sharing. This additional download could cause your computer to not function as well and may create an additional cost. When you use ElephantDrive, you can put files in the sync folder by simply right-clicking on them.

2. Excellent Network Storage:

ElephantDrive can be directly integrated with various methods of network storage. It’s possible to directly integrate ElephantDrive with NETGEAR, QNAP, and Thecus network storage. This is something that exceptionally few cloud storage plans offer.

3. Security Features:

ElephantDrive is extremely secure. ElephantDrive protects your files with 256 bits of encryption. Files stored using ElephantDrive are encrypted both on their servers and on your computer. Furthermore, the servers that are used by the company uses a high-quality simple storage system, called AmazonS3. For additional protection, you can use a private encryption password to further protect your data. When you use a private encryption password, employees of ElephantDrive won’t even be able to view your files. This is highly recommended by security experts, but it is important to remember this password. If you lose it, you will lose access to the information you store. For the less security conscious, ElephantDrive does offer the option for you to forgo encryption. However, this is ill-advised if you are dealing with any sensitive information.

4. Speed And Use Of System Resources:

ElephantDrive is fast, and it isn’t hard on a computer system’s resources. In fact, ElephantDrive simply runs in the background. The speed of ElephantDrive was tested with great results. To upload 10GB of data, it took four hours and 44 minutes. In order to download the same amount of data, it only took an hour and 42 minutes. Some cloud storage software would take all day to be able to transfer this amount of information. The upload speed for ElephantDrive is 600.94 kilobytes per second. The download speed was measured at 1673.2 kilobytes per second.

4. You Can Choose What To Do With Your Files:

It’s easy to pick and choose which files are synced across multiple devices and which ones are simply backed up on ElephantDrive’s servers. In order to backup files, you can drag them into the backup folder. It’s also possible to backup files by selecting the file backup option after right clicking them. In addition, there are no limits on file history nor are there limits on the number of files that can be shared using the sync feature.

6. The Manage Backups Control Panel:

While a downside of ElephantDrive is that it’s a bit challenging to figure out how to use at first, there is a feature where you can manage all of your file backups. This is called the Manage Backups feature, and it’s possible to use it to add and remove files from ElephantDrive. It also gives you the ability to edit files. Furthermore, it allows you to schedule backup sets. This feature can allow you to conserve bandwidth and CPU usage.

7. Ease Of Accessing The Files:


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It’s easy to access files using ElephantDrive. Unlike many cloud storage programs, you can have access to the files at any time. You also don’t need to place the files in any backup sets in order to access it. In addition to being able to access files on your devices, it’s possible to access the information online and download it. This ensures that you’re easily able to access the information while you’re away from home.

8. You Can Upload Fairly Large Files To The Cloud:

It is possible to upload individual files to the cloud that are as large as a gigabyte. This is equivalent to about a one hour film using standard definition video or around seven minutes of high definition footage. This amount of space can also fit the number of written words equivalent to 542 copies of War and Peace on a single file. Therefore, it’s possible to upload numerous documents at once using ElephantDrive.

Why Is ElephantDrive A Bit More Expensive Than Some Other Cloud Storage Services?


Even though ElephantDrive costs a bit more than many other cloud storage systems, it’s well worth the extra expense. One of the primary reasons for the additional cost is the type of servers that ElephantDrive uses to store information. AmazonS3 is a somewhat expensive storage system to use, but it is one reason for ElephantDrive’s exceptional speed of uploads and downloads. It also helps to improve the security of the data. The servers also help to ensure that the service is extremely reliable.

Are There Any Cases Where ElephantDrive Might Not Be Recommended?

There are a few cases in which ElephantDrive might not be a good cloud storage system. Businesses in the healthcare industry would be best served to stay away from ElephantDrive, since ElephantDrive isn’t certified for HIPPA compliance. For those who run a music streaming business, it also isn’t a good choice. ElephantDrive doesn’t allow for the streaming of music. You also cannot share photos using ElephantDrive.

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