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SugarSync Review – By Far The Best Cloud Storage For Business (And Personal Use Too)!

If you need an cloud storage service that is fully functional, yet affordable for important documents and files, SugarSync is a great choice. Why do we think so? Read on…


The needs of a business owner are different than those of a personal user. No matter the size of the business, all of its files and documents are vital records. Not just any cloud storage service will do; you need a secure system that works efficiently to keep all your data safe – particularly if some of that data contains sensitive personal information on customers. And that’s why SugarSync is the choice of many business owners.

The SugarSync Company

With its iconic hummingbird logo you might think SugarSync is full of more fluff than substance. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. With features and functionality that rival the ever-popular Dropbox, SugarSync is a strong contender in the world of cloud backup providers.

The company is beginning to gain some recognition for its feature-rich online storage service. It made Lifehacker’s list of top 5 cloud storage providers, as nominated by the blog’s readers. also named their mobile app one of the top 10 cloud apps for Android devices.

SugarSync’s roster of partners include such famous brands as BestBuy, SanDisk, Lenovo, France Telecom-Orange and Korea Telecom. This allows them to better compete with some of the biggest names in cloud storage services.

SugarSync has been around since 2008 and it is headquartered in San Mateo, California, USA. As of March, 2013, the company’s new CEO is Mike Grossman. His background is in running software, financial and business product companies such as Attributor (eBook piracy prevention), Tempo Payments (debit cards), Intuit/Mint, Quicken and LiveCapital (SaaS trade credit management).

If you want to know more about SugarSync, all you have to do is read their blog and follow them on social media. They maintain active accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Rather than focusing strictly on advertising their own product and services, they post lots of interesting and informative content for any website owner.

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What You Get with SugarSync Cloud Storage

First, we want you to be aware that although SugarSync offers a “free trial” of their personal online backup service, you must provide credit card or PayPal information. That might prevent a lot of potential customers from giving SugarSync a try and if that describes you, just continue reading our review to find out what you need to know about their personal cloud storage accounts.

SugarSync Plan & Pricing

Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for 100GB of cloud storage space. You can also opt for 250GB of storage for $24.99 a month or even up to 500GB, with a monthly price of $39.99. If you wish to pay for a year’s worth of cloud storageservice upfront, you only pay for 10 months’ worth of service, instead of 12. You can actually stick with a free account but you only get 5GB of storage space, which isn’t near enough if you have lots of photos, videos and other types of media to back up.

SugarSync provides all the options and features you will probably ever need to backup all your files and restore them. There are no limits on the types of files you can upload to your online storage space (music, video, .exe, etc.), other than Outlook .pst, Microsoft Money, shortcuts, Microsoft Office .tmp, database files, program directories and the entire C: directory.

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Check Out All The Award Winning Features

Automatic sync, anytime & anywhere access, file versioining etc

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Synchronized Storage & Archive Storage with 5 File Versioning

You can choose to backup single files, folders or your complete system (minus the above exceptions). Start by downloading the program and setting the parameters and the program begins to work in the background. After the initial backup (which could take days, depending on the combined size of your files), SugarSync automatically backs up any files you change, as you change them.

SugarSync's Drive

Your files are stored on a cloud server but SugarSync also installs a link on your computer to easily drag and drop files or upload them. The drive is referred to as your “Magic Briefcase”, which is automatically added as a folder under “Documents” or “My Documents”, much like Dropbox. For individual files and folders you want to add to your online storage account, you can either drag and drop them into your Magic Briefcase, upload them online, or simply wait for SugarSync to sync them. Finding them again is as easy as clicking with the new SugarSync Drive, which functions much like Windows Explorer. You can also designated the letter of this drive to whatever you wish.

Designate a Letter for SugarSync Drive

Your SugarSync account includes up to 5 versions of each file so you can easily fix those “uh-oh” moments when you accidentally save over the top of an important document. However, you can also ensure a file never gets changed by placing it in the Web Archive folder of your online storage space. Any files placed there will not update or sync automatically. Did you delete a file on accident? It gets placed in your SugarSync Deleted Files folder, where you can easily recover it at any time (unless you permanently delete it from this folder).

With sugarSync, you literally will never need to worry about deleting the wrong file again.

Sharing Made Easy with Password-restricted Access

Sharing is Easy

Sharing is easy with SugarSync, too. With password protection, you can limit access to certain files while allowing others in your organization to view and/or edit those you designate as shared. It’s easy to send files to someone else, too, with access to your account and an email address or phone number for texting. Rather than trying to send large files, such as videos, as an email attachment, you can simply send an invitation to access the file via a secure link to your account. If you enjoy social media, it’s a simple process to upload a photo straight from your cloud storage account to your Facebook or Twitter page; the new slide show feature allows you or anyone with access to view your photos as a preview, gallery or in full screen mode.

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Read More On The Award Winning Features

SugarSync has been recognized numerous time for its handy features.

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SugarSync Support Most (if not all) Mobile Devices

Supported Mobile Apps

With mobile apps that work on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian operating systems and is compatible with any browser, you can sync across devices and always have access to all your files and folders – even streaming media so you can watch a movie on your cell phone while waiting for your flight to take off. Remote editing is also possible so you can get work done even when you are away from your main computer. Want to share a file with someone else via your mobile device? Simply send them a text message!

We tried downloading the app for an Android phone and found installation both quick and easy. Immediately after installation, the app will ask if you wish to sync your photos and then starts the process when you affirm the selection. Navigating folders on a smartphone screen is a simple process via drag and swipe functionality.

Why SugarSync is a Great Choice for Business

SugarSync also provides a business account option that allows cloud backup service for 3 users and up to 10, with an account upgrade that costs $55 per month or $550 per year. Additional users can be added to fit your organization’s needs at the cost of $125 per user, per year. Recently, SugarSync decided to provide unlimited storage space for all business accounts – a great feature!

What makes SugarSync a good choice for business owners? Take a look:

  • Online collaboration via folder sharing.
  • Public links that provide one-time (or more) download access to your files (without having to create a SugarSync account).
  • Each team member can download files to their own computer, edit and save them and have them synced so everyone has access to the same, updated file.
  • File security provided by “read-only” access.
  • Remote editing capability.
  • Team members can work from any type of device with an internet connection.
  • Admin dashboard that allows access control, storage space limits and provides an activity log.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook allows SugarSync to link files and track downloads via Exchange Server.

Another great feature of a SugarSync business account is access to live support personnel. This feature, which you won’t find in many other online backup services, is included in the price of your account. On top of all those great features, SugarSync’s A+ rating in BBB (Better Business Bureau) serves as a solid proof to be an excellent product.

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Free Trial Available for Business Plan Too

It starts from 3 users with 1TB of cloud storage

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Ultimate Security: SSL 3.3 & 256 bit AES Encryptions

Before you upload any of your files to the cloud, you need to be 100% confident in their safety, particularly if you store personal data from customers. SugarSync provides this by using industry-standard secure (SSL 3.3) Transport Layer Security data encryption and handshake protocol (which verifies secure communication) during both uploads and downloads over the internet. Before leaving SugarSync servers, your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES so it can’t be easily snagged by a hacker. If your computer does get hacked, you can quickly erase all your data via remote wipe. This great security feature is available for both personal and business accounts.

Additional SugarSync Pricing Notes

If you elect to keep a free account, SugarSync allows you to get more storage space simply by asking your contacts to sign up for an account. Each one who does so gives you another 500MB of space as a referral bonus. An additional 125MB is provided when you perform certain tasks, such as installing the SugarSync Manager on your computer, installing the SugarSync app on your phone, sharing a public link or folder or uploading a file via email.

Get Free Storage by Completing Tasks

Even if you don’t have much contact to share SugarSync with, you are still able to keep the 5GB free storage FOREVER. All you need to do is to sign up a free account here. Although you must provide credit card information when you sign up for a free trial, your card won’t be charged until the end of the 30-day trial period.

Tip: The first time you sign into your account after starting a free trial, you will be offered a 50% discount off an annual plan. This is the only chance to get this deep discount and if you say “no thanks” you won’t get the same offer again.

Bottom Line: Is SugarSync The Best Cloud Storage?

Yes! There are a lot things to like about SugarSync, particularly if you are a business owner with the need to safely and securely store important files while providing easy access to others in your organization. Here’s an overview of the best features:

  • File sharing via public link
  • Personalized file security settings
  • User-friendly interface for managing, searching for and sharing your files
  • Easy collaboration, syncing and editing
  • Good pricing for the number of features and functionality
  • Online editing via WebSync app
  • Unlimited storage space (Business accounts only)
  • Live support option (Business accounts only)

SugarSync isn’t perfect, however. Here are a couple limitations you need to know about:

  • File size limitation on public links (over 250GB per day bandwidth)
  • Inability to schedule backups – it runs all the same in the background or not at all (usually only an issue during the initial backup period)

Overall, SugarSync provides a really good cloud storage service for small or large business users, particularly with an unlimited amount of online storage space. There are lots of handy features, functions and cross-platform compatibility that come with all accounts, enough to handle just about any type of file and any type of situation. With good (but not cheap) pricing, you get a lot for your money making a SugarSync a highly recommended choice in cloud backup services.

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