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Cloud storage services are a great way to effectively store a variety of file types to free up valuable storage space on your devices. One of the newest cloud storage services out there is has recently finished their beta phase and is now available to the public with a broad range of features that make it an enticing option. This review is going to cover the different pros and cons of It will also offer a final buyer’s verdict at the end of the article. Continue reading to learn more about what they have to offer.


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What Is is a relatively new file storage option that has recently ended their beta testing phase. The company is based in Canada and offers up to 2TB of storage over three pricing tiers. Their first pricing tier is the starter pack which is free. This comes with 5GB of storage that never expires. There are a few limitations like lack of advanced file sharing settings. However, this option is great for trying out the service or storing a few extra files.


Their other two options are the pro personal and pro business plans. These come with increased storage options at 2TB and 2TB per user respectively. The pro user plan is $8 per month and the pro business plan is $5 per month for each user. These accounts come with a variety of useful features that make them a great choice for those looking for ways to effectively manage their account.

For instance, the pro user plan comes with advanced sharing options like link expiry date settings, direct file transfer options for users, and more. It also comes with automatic user logging to easily check which user uploaded a certain file, backup and restore options for file recovery, and unique user permission control settings. Users who subscribe to the pro plan are also given priority customer support.

For the pro business plan, it gets all of the features of the pro user plan above plus a few additional options. Since the pro business plan is made to have several different user accounts, it also comes with a unique administrative menu that allows you to control the settings for each child account. In addition, pro business plan users have a 99% uptime SLA. It also has consolidated billing and totals the costs of all users into one simple statement.

Where sets itself apart from the competition is in terms of security. Their website boasts that their cloud storage is super private and super secure. More about this feature will be discussed in the pros section below.

The Pros of

This section is going to cover the areas where shines above the competition. It will look at things like security, operating systems, file sharing capabilities, and backup & restoration options. These features are what make a great choice for a variety of business and personal uses.



By far one of the greatest features of is its security. They use a technology known as zero-knowledge. Zero-knowledge is a type of encryption technology that allows a service provider to prove that a given statement is true without actually conveying any other information besides the statement being true.

This is a great benefit for customers who are looking for a cloud storage solution that takes security seriously. In addition, guarantees that they cannot access your files or metadata which provides great peace of mind. Files are also encrypted while in transit and while resting using 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, SSL and TLS encryption.

Besides their zero-knowledge technology and strong encryption protocols, they also offer a wide range of user controls that help maintain your account security. With account features like remote logout, remote wiping, file audit logs, account notifications, and two-factor authentication, you can be sure your account and data are as secure as possible while using

Supported Operating Systems

Another area where shines is the operating systems they support.. is compatible with a wide variety of devices. Desktop apps are available for Windows and MAC OS X. As for mobile devices, they have apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

If a user prefers to use a web browser to access their files, then they can easily use the web platform to manage their files and user account. The wide array of supported operating systems is another great feature of

File Sharing Capabilities


Another area where shines is its file sharing capabilities. All file sharing is cross platform compatible. This means that any sharing you do on your PC will show on your other devices like your iPhone or tablet. This is great for those who want to be sure that their files are available on all their mobile devices while traveling.

When it comes to sharing content with other users, makes the process quick and easy. Even with a free account, you can easily select a file to share and are given a download link that you can send to the person you wish to download the file. The receiver does not even need a sync account to download the file. Sharing is password protected for your security.

For more control over the download link, you will need access to one of the pro account options. With a pro account, you can do things like set link expiry dates, set download limits, receive download notifications, and more. Pro accounts also do not have any limits on file transfer sizes as well.

As for receiving files from a sender, this is available to pro accounts only. With a pro account, you can request a file with a unique upload enabled link. The receiver can then use this link to easily upload a file to your Sync account. As with downloading files, no Sync account is required for the person sending you the file.

Backup & Restoration Options

One important aspect of cloud storage providers is the availability of backup and restoration options. Fortunately, this is another area where shines. All accounts come with varying degrees of file recovery options that will be further detailed below.

For free starter accounts, you receive access to 30-day file version history and deleted file recovery. This is more than adequate for basic users who only store a few files that they regularly access. In addition, you also receive real-time backup and can sync or restore to any computer. You also have the option to selectively sync specific folders when necessary.

For the two pro plans, you receive all of the recovery and backup options listed above for the free accounts. However, the 30-day file limit is removed and becomes unlimited instead. This is great for power users or those who work on projects that are frequently changing. In the event you need to rollback to a previous file version, you can select from a limitless supply of prior saves.

When subscribed as a pro user, you also receive access to a special vault. This feature is best used to keep legacy data and other dated files that are not regularly accessed. It is a great feature for those who want a safe and secure location to store important documents that are not accessed frequently.

Offline File Access

Another great feature of is its offline file access. Once your files have been synced across your devices, you can readily access them while on the go even without a data connection. This provides a great way for those who travel regularly to maintain their files and upload saved copies at a later time once they have internet access again.

Compliant With Several Guidelines is compliant with several important regulations that make it a great fit for many uses. For instance, HR professionals in the United States will enjoy the fact that is HIPAA compliant. This ensures that employees can send and receive relevant medical files in a secure and responsible manner.

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As for Canadian data integrity protocols, is IPEDA, PIPA, FIPPA, ATIPPA, and PHIPA compliant. This makes it a great choice for storing things like personal information, medical claims, and more.

The Cons of

While has many positive elements, there are a few negative drawbacks as well. The two main issues are the lack of live support and increased file transfer time. This section is going to cover those issues in greater detail below.

Lack Of Live Support

One area of weakness of is its lack of any type of live support. There is no way to reach a live representative via telephone or by chat from their website. This can be a huge negative for users who want more support from their file sharing provider.

Contacting is best done through email. Generally, request are broken down into three categories which are technical support, sales, and other requests. If you are a pro user, you automatically get bumped to the front of the line in terms of response time.

If you do not wish to contact via email, your only other option is to use traditional mail which has an even longer delay. While telephone support may not be widespread among cloud storage providers, it would be nice to at least incorporate a live chat option within their website.

Increased File Transfer Times

Another area where falls short slightly is its file transfer time. Keep in mind, file transfer speeds will always be capped by your available bandwidth with your internet provider. This means things like uploading files will almost always take slightly longer due to their typically lower data transfer speeds.

However, due to the encryption technology that uses, it noticeably slows down both uploads and downloads. This is because files are encrypted during transit and when they are stored in the cloud. While the encryption does delay transfer speed, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you receive knowing your files are securely protected along each step of the transfer process.

The Verdict

sync-vault is an excellent cloud storage solution that offers many great features. While they do lack live customer support and have slightly longer file transfer times, they more than make up for those drawbacks with exceptional encryption technology and competitive pricing.

If you want to get a feel for with no strings attached, consider trying their starter account with 5GB of free storage that never expires. Once you have a feel for their interface and services, you can then decide if one of their pro plans is well suited for you.