Top Business Cloud Storage Providers of 2017

There are many advantages of using a business cloud storage: quicker speed, better stability, richer features, more business oriented and etc. However the major drawback is of cause the higher price. If you are running a serious business, it’s never an option to save that money with a lower-end provider. After all, having your data in time and protected should always be the priority of your business. Here I would like to present the top 10 list of business cloud storage. SugarSync is of caused the #1 here (since I’m using it personally too.).

* Note: this list is for business use cloud storage, click here for top cloud storage for personal use.

The providers listed below are proven to have the most accurate speed and support for cloud storage. They will support your devices at a fast network speed, so you always have a reliable quality cloud storage service.

Business Cloud Storage Providers

Company Price Highlight Features More
SugarSync - Best Business Cloud Storage $45.83 1 TB, 3 users
Remote editing
ElephantDrive $9.95 1,000GB cloud storage
Backup, sync, and share
CrashPlan $5.00 Truly unlimited storage
Free mobile app
pCloud $3.99 Fast upload and download
Files accessible across all devices
Carbonite $22.50 250 GB, Unlimited
Full, mirror drive backup
* Data last updated 24/10/17.

Rates shown are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Service plans and rates may not include taxes, surcharges or other fees. Some service providers offer periodic promotions and service agreements based on various terms and conditions. Please be sure to read the individual provider terms, conditions and pricing before you make a purchase decision.

What Is Business Cloud Storage & Why Should I Care?

If you would like to boost business efficiency transitioning to a cloud storage system could very well be the way to do so. Business cloud storage refers to a network of virtual servers specialized for storage. Unlike personal cloud storage, which tends to be small in scale, business cloud storage is designed to meet the needs of large organizations. Capable of storing vast quantities of data, business cloud storage systems are designed to maximize security, facilitate communication between employees, and allow for file access anytime from anywhere in the world. When a business chooses the right cloud storage for its needs, the cloud can prove highly advantageous.

  • Greater Flexibility
    Cloud computing systems are scalable and subsequently can easily be tweaked to accommodate a business’s fluctuating needs. Should your organization undergoes rapid growth your cloud systems can easily (and cheaply) grow with you.
  • Decreased Operating Costs
    The Arberdeen Group estimates that upfront investment and maintenance costs can both be reduced by about 75% by transitioning to a cloud-based system. This is primarily because cloud storage is entirely virtual; it eliminates the costs associated with stand-alone servers. There is no need to continually replace equipment and hardware as technology progresses. The cloud also helps to cut overheard costs, including costs related to management, data storage, software updates, and quality control.
  • Improve Work Speed & Efficiency
    Cloud computing systems are incredibly fast; this speed boost efficiency, saving your business both time and money.

Business VoIP Providers

Rates shown do not include taxes, surcharges, or other fees. Providers offering specials may have restrictions based on terms and promotional periods. Please read the individual provider’s terms and conditions before buying.

4 Essential Features In A Good Business Cloud Storage

However, in order to maximize the benefit potential of business cloud storage you need to choose a plan that will meet your needs. When examining different options keep an eye out for the following essential features:

Easy Remote Access

Businessmen move around and they need to have access to their files easily whether they’re at the office or on a family vacation on a beach in Costa Rica. With remote access files can be accessed anywhere at anytime from any device.


Business cloud storage providers that offer file security encrypt files during both storage and transfer. This ensures that parties with malicious intentions can’t access potentially sensitive information. SSL and 256-bit AES encryption are commonly used by a good provider.

File Sharing

File/ Folder sharing provides multiple users with access to the same file. This feature comes in handy when multiple employees are working on the same project, facilitating easy communication as well as visibility and transparency.

File Versioning

With file backup the cloud storage provider will automatically save files incrementally. This is quite useful in the advent of an unexpected event such as a power outage or hard drive failure or in the case that you simply forget to manually save your work.
Reputable business cloud storage providers include SugarSync, Hightail and Carbonite. But before choosing a specific provider or plan always research extensively. If you are struggling to figure out how much storage or what specific features your business needs it is probably a good idea to bring in a consultant.

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